Grigore Popescu

Narcis Zărnescu January 2011

6th YEAR, No. 40, 2011, CRONICA FUNDAŢIILOR, 11th page

On the Divine Comedy from Lainici. (...)Reviewing again-and-again Grigore Popescu-Muscel's frescoes from Lainici, this time with Mihail Diaconescu's Hermeneutics by my side, the thought that perhaps the only painter who imagistically could restore the cosmic vision and unrepeatable experience circumscribed by the Divine Comedy is none other than Grigore Popescu-Muscel just flashed me. As George Coşbuc managed to incarnate in Romanian words the Dantesque Comedy, Grigore Popescu-Muscel could, in an ecumenical effort, to reveal through colour the intrinsic Orthodoxy of Dante’s philosophy.

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