Grigore Popescu

Prof. Univ. Mihail Diaconescu January 2010

Albumul, LAINICI, Capodoperă a artei româneşti şi europene

Grigore Popescu-Muscel’s paintings encourages us to think about human condition as it is, about man’s spiritual vocation, but also the relationship between cult and culture based on the fulfilment and deification of humanity in each person. We admire the masterpiece-frescoes found on Lainici Cathedral’s porch and we perceive a sublime work of art in its unique details and in its religious dimension. It is a painting that catalyses in the depths of the one who contemplates it everything that is deeper, more authentic, more comprehensive and uplifting in his feelings as a being destined to spiritualization, as human with the calling of deification.

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