Grigore Popescu

His Eminence Dr. Irineu Popa January 2010

Albumul LAINICI, Capodoperă a artei româneşti şi europene

Anyone who has read this book-album has in front of him an unrivalled divine-human view, where, as at a mystical table, one does not know what to appreciate more: the mystery, the composition, or subtle explanation of those depicted. Without a doubt, nothing escapes not being thoroughly studied in this paradisiacal garden of Master Grigore Popescu. ( ... ) Through colour and light we are being shown that the Holy Ghost penetrates matter with His divine power. (...) Grigore Popescu, the famous painter, painting history and the holy writers of the Philokalia, he revealed that the person of the Holy Ghost, which rests beyond ages upon the Word, discovers His matter as a breast where the icons of saints from our Church’s calendar are being conceived.

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