Grigore Popescu

Art Historian, Doina Mândru February 2012


Enlightened Portraits: A painter for the eternity of fresco Supremely demanding with his work, the artist is also a rare iconographer, a master of subtlety and of theological depth. The great compositional strength and theological depth of his fresco proved itself in the paintings he executed at the Church “St. George New” in Bucharest, in the altar, in the altar’s niches and in the nave’s tower. He has shown what a great iconographer he is in the new, rebuilt great church porch of Tismana Monastery, where he restored fresco fragments from Dobromir the Younger from Târgoviște, from the 16th century (in the niche on the north side of the porch) and in the eighteenth century (on the east side of the porch) by integrating them into the scene of Judgement Day, deducted from an extremely poor context. At Church “St. Athanasius” from Niculiţel he restored fragments of fresco dated in the 13th century, integrating them with impressive intuition and imagination. (...)

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